Emma Kowal, Joanna Radin, and Jenny Reardon
From Indigenous body parts, mutating temporalities, and the half-lives of postcolonial technoscience, Social Studies of Science, 2013.

“Mutations transcend dichotomies of premodern/modern, pro-science/anti-science, and north/south, inviting us to focus on entanglements and interdependencies.”

Lecture Series
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Eben Kirksey

“Who Owns the Future of Gene Editing?”

12:00 pm

Anthropologist, writer, storyteller, and associate professor (Research) at Alfred Deakin Institute in Melbourne, Australia.


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De Anima by

Clara Jo

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“De Anima” is an ominous prelude set in Myanmar and Kenya that unveils how gendered, racialized, economic, and metabolic ecosystems embedded within the global health crisis drives fear of contamination from the nonhuman world.

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